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Ruby Ann Malixi, Basic Author
Marketing Channels
  Marketing Channels
Marketing channel is a useful tool for the management. Creating a channel of business through all means in meeting your prospect buyers and subscribers on Banks, Malls, Hotels and more. Channel relationships are increasingly important in creating market value and sustainable competitive advantage. This elective provides an up-to-date perspective of the relationships among marketing channels using the channel relationship model (CRM). It looks at challenges and opportunities in the external channel environment, behavioral issues that beset channel relationships (internal channel environment), coordination’s, conflict, cooperation, the economics of exchange and the development of channel relationships, including the implication of acquiring strategic partners.
  check Roles of marketing channel in marketing strategy :
  Links producers to buyers.  
  Performs sales, advertising and promotion.  
  Influences the firm's pricing strategy.  
  Affecting product strategy through branding, policies, willingness to stock and customizes profits, install, maintain, offer credit, etc.  
  check Performance Coverage :
  Where mission meets market.  
  Channel roles in a dynamic marketplace.  
  Conventional marketing systems.  
  Marketing mix and relationship marketing.  
  Environmental scanning: managing uncertainty.  
  Legal developments in marketing channels.  
  Ethical issues in relationship marketing.  
  Global challenges and opportunities.  
  Channel climate.  
  Conflict resolution strategies.  
  Information systems and relationship logistics.  
  Cultivating positive channel relationships.  
  Transaction costs in marketing channels.  
  Vertical marketing systems.  
  Franchising: an emerging global trend.  
  Long-term interfirm relationships.  
  The emerging role of strategic alliances.  
  Strategic implications for the twenty-first century.  
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