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Ruby Ann Malixi, Basic Author
Maketing Conceptualization
  Marketing Conceptualization
Conceptualizing the whole marketing strategy creating a superb marketing scenario in catching buyers and subscribers interest in a considerable precise action.
  check Strategizing & Conceptualizing
We conceptualize, direct, plan, employ, draft and consolidate different marketing strategies for project launchings, corporate images, brands, products and services for businesses; long or short term. Our marketing solutions help create the ability for you to brand and publicize your products and/or services, thus increasing your sales. In any event where your below-the-line and above-the-line (offline) marketing campaigns are already in process, integrating these marketing solutions on online campaigns.
  check Business Review for Marketing Campaigns
We dig deep into the heart of your business to better understand its stream before heading off to creatively plan.
  check Non-performance Quality Auditing (QA)
A comprehensive auditing and overview will be done on any non-performance elements of your existing marketing present campaign to identify current and potential negative issues affecting current & future marketing campaigns or usability.
  check Conceptualization & Planning
Based on the resources you own, tangible or intangible, a recommendation report of selected creative traditional & online marketing campaigns will be presented to you based on our reports and research.
  check Directing strategies and implementation
With proper practices and steps presented on your doorstep, we will guide you through the implementation process of these marketing campaigns.
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